Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt

Address: Chair in Chemical Technology and Catalysis, Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry, Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), Engesserstr. 20, D-76131 Karlsruhe, grunwaldt(at)kit.edu; tel.: +49-721-608-2120; Homepage at KIT and Former Homepage at DTU

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February 2010:
Movement to Karlsruhe on a new University-Professorship at KIT

July 2008:
Beamtime at ID26 with University Tübingen and ETH Zürich at ESRF with photos and slideshow by Dorota.

July 2008:
Highlight article "Scientists shed light on catalytic mechanisms" on our research in the ESRF Newsletter

January 2008:
Move from ETH Zürich (Prof. Alfons Baiker) to DTU in Kgs. Lyngby.
A new research group is presently built up in Copenhagen!

June 2007: Nominated for the Chair in Catalysis at the Danish Technical University (DTU) in Lyngby North of Copenhagen ("The Haldor Topsøe Chair in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering")
--> Link to DTU
--> Link to Haldor Topsøe A/S
--> A new research group has been started up January 2008 in Copenhagen!

June 2007: ESRF Spotlight "Filming a Catalyst in Action" --> Link to Highlight

January 2007: Karl-Winnacker Stipendium of the Aventis Foundation since January 1, 2007

--> Link to press release

August 2006: Highlight Research Report HASYLAB in Hamburg: 2D-mapping of the structure of a heterogeneous catalyst inside a catalytic microreactor during the partial oxidation of methane

July 2006: Dale Sayers Young Scientist Award 2006 of the International EXAFS Society (IXS) --> Link to press release

June 2006 : Cover Page of Journal of Physical Chemistry B

March 2006: Jochen-Block-Preis 2006 of the German Catalysis Society of DECHEMA --> Link to press release>

Curriculum Vitae

Since 02/2010 Full professor at the Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry, Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
2008 - 2010 Full professor at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineeering, DTU, Kgs. Lyngby, “The Haldor Topsøe Chair in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering”, Denmark
2001 – 2007 “Oberassistent” (lecturer and senior scientist) and from 04/2006 “Privatdozent” at the Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
1998 – 2001 Project Manager at Haldor Topsøe A/S, Lyngby, Denmark
1993 – 1998 PhD Thesis at the Department of Technical Chemistry at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland, (group of Prof. A. Baiker): “Low-temperature CO-oxidation on gold/oxide interfaces”; research and teaching assistant
1993 Diploma work (Hamburg University, W. Gunßer and A. Reller) in cooperation with K. Petermann (Hamburg University) and J.G. Bednorz (IBM Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, CH)
1989 – 1993 Studies of Chemistry: University of Hamburg (Germany), Newcastle upon Tyne (Great Britain)

 Key Working Areas

Since 2001 Reactions in supercritical fluids, green chemistry, selective oxidation reactions, exhaust gas catalysis, in situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts, catalyst preparation by flame spray pyrolysis, high throughput methodology

Scholarships and Awards

2007 Karl-Winnacker-Stipendiat awarded by the Aventis Foundation in recognition of the scientific achievements in supercritical fluids, in situ characterization and exhaust gas catalysis, Frankfurt a. Main/D
2006 Dale Sayers Award of the International XAFS Society (IXS), 13th International EXAFS Conference, Stanford/USA
2006 Jochen-Block-Preis of the DECHEMA, awarded by the German Catalysis Society, DECHEMA, Weimar/D
2004 Young Scientist Award at the 13. International Catalysis Conference, Paris/F
1994 – 1996 Kékulé scholarship, awarded by “Fonds der Chemischen Industrie”
1989 – 1993 Fellowship of the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”
1988 Silver Medal at the 20th International Chemistry Olympiad (Helsinki, Finland), silver medal with the German team

Promotion of the International Chemistry Olympiad

1992 – 1997 President of the association “Friends of the Chemistry Olympiad” in Germany (re-election in 1994 and 1996) with development and set-up of a broad promotion program for high school students in German speaking countries
1996 Member of the German delegation at the Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow, Russia
Since 1997 Member of the board of the “Association for the Promotion of the Chemistry Olympiad”

Publication, Talks, Further Academic Activities

Publication/ Patents
Author und co-author of ca. 100 peer reviewed articles, 5 peer reviewed articles in conference proceedings, 2 review articles, 3 pa­tents, 1 book (doctoral thesis), 20 general articles including science education, citation over the last 10 years  ca. 1500 (ISI, 5/2008).
Talks More than 80 talks were presented at international conferences in Europe, USA and Japan, at universities and in industry
Membership in International Comittees Member of the Board of Chemical Engineers, the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), member of the Project Review Panel at ESRF, Grenoble, member of the Project Review Panel at SLS (Swiss Light Source, Villigen, X-ray absorption spectroscopy), Member of the Kuratorium of the Association for the Promotion of the Chemistry Olympiad, the election committee for the ANKA International User Committee (AIUC).

Former member of the Project Review Panel at HASYLAB (German Synchrotron Source, Hamburg), member in the SNX-Steering Council at the Swiss-Norwegian Beamlines at ESRF, Grenoble, the Scientific Board at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2004 in Germany, the working group at PETRA III at HASYLAB (DESY, Hamburg), the Scientific Review Board at ANKA (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, chairman).